Who We Are


        Tirupur is a SURPLUS MILK DISTRICT by nature, because it is a blessed district for producing quality surplus milk at an average of 8.50 Lakhs Litres of milk per day. Out of which 30% of the milk being procured by Aavin and rest by other sources.

Milk Procurement through Dairy Co-operative Societies:

        An average of 250000 Litres of milk being procured daily by Tirupur union. The raw chilled milk from MPCS is being received at 33 BMCs comprising of 446 Milk Producers’ Societies in Tirupur District.

        Despite of bifurcation, the milk, so procured pertaining to Tirupur Union are still handled at 3 milk chilling centres of Coimbatore Union located at Shanmugapuram, Sulthanpet and Annur. Presently, the available cooling facilities are for 165000 Litres only, therefore raw milk is sent to Coimbatore Union Chilling Centres with risks involved.

        Tirupur Milk Union is having 2 chilling centres, one at Tirupur in the city limit of Tirupur and the other one at Sankarandampalayam, which is 10 KMs away from Dharapuram and 45 KMs from Tirupur Union.

Union Activities:

In general, the Union carries out the important functions of procurement, processing and marketing of milk and milk products, providing technical inputs, institutional strengthening of milk cooperatives, enhancing women involvement in dairy cooperatives, organization of extension activities and rural development services.

The main activities of this union are Procuring, Processing and marketing milk and milk products:

  1. Functions:
  2. S.NO Description of Functions of this union Avg.Litres / Day
    1. Procurement of Milk from Producers 250000
    2. Distribution of Milk to Customers /Consumers 20000
    3. Supplying of milk to Metro Dairies as per their requirement 110000
    4. Balance surplus milk being converted to products like Butter, Ghee and Skimmed Milk Powder through our Feeder Balancing Dairies. 120000
  3. Arranging /Providing for inputs like Cattle feed, Animal Health and Breeding Care etc.,
  4. Arranging for training and education of managing committee members, staff, and members of dairy cooperative society and also for the Board members, managers and staff of the milk union.

General Information
1. Total Milk Producers’ Co-op. Societies (MPCS) 468
2. Total Functioning MPCS 446
3. Total Dormant MPCS 22
4. Milk Chilling Centres 2
5. Bulk Milk Coolers (BMC) -Installed 33
6. Total Members 84262
7. Total Pouring Members 17351
8. No.of Milch Animals [ Cows :52854 + Buffaloes :3925] 56779

Actions taken with limited facilities:
  • Special drives have been accelerated for quality improvement activities.
  • Initiated actions to prevent pouring milk from non-members and vendors.
  • Managing the situations with the limited available facilities at Bulk Milk Cooler (BMC) centres and Chilling Centres.

Sankarandampalayam Chilling Centre:

Sankarandampalayam chilling centre is already equipped with the facilities of HT power supply, 160 KVA of standby power generators, and an approximate buildup area of 2000 square meters with Effluent Treatment Plant and Staff quarters with the following are added advantages:

  1. Possessing 9.5 acres of Land.
  2. Water facilities through Amaravathy River Bore well
  3. Cooling facilities through 50KL IBT.
  4. 2 Nos. of 5KL BMCs are working.
  5. Possessing milk storage capacity of 60 KL and Plate Chiller of 10 KL

        As Tirupur Union is newly formed District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Limited and does not have milk processing facilities, the daily receipt of 250000 Litres of milk now being transported to Coimbatore and Erode Dairies for further processing and disposal can be withdrawn.

        As buildup area is adequately available with the basic utilities requirements like water, power ETP we can have milk processing and packaging facilities at Sankarandampalayam unit by providing additional facilities for packages, refrigerated storage and other utilities.

        By creating the arrangements of processing and packaging facilities at Sankarandampalayam unit, we can transport package milk in time for marketing. As this unit is located very nearer to Dharapuram (14 KMs) and 45 KMS from Tirupur town, 50 KMs from Udumalpet 27 Kms from Kangeyam and 24 KMs from Vellakoil, milk marketing in rural areas and towns can be improved.

        Equally we can reduce the transport cost if we have own processing facilities at Sankarandampalayam unit by withdrawing the milk transportation from Coimbatore to the above said areas of Tirupur District.